Kerrville Theft Crime Attorney


Theft crimes fall under many different titles. Some of the more minor or these criminal defense cases are known as petty theft and occur when a person takes property from another without permission that is less than $500 in value. These are considered misdemeanors. However, theft of more valuable items can escalate to the level of a felony, which could lead to a life sentence in prison under the Texas three strikes law. Another form of theft includes robbery, which is the forceful theft of another person's property using threats and violence. Burglary is also a theft crime and is committed when a person enters a structure intending to commit a theft crime or other felony.


Even if a person does not succeed in their act of theft, they can still be accused of attempted robbery, burglary, or any such crime. Convictions for any of these bring serious penalties, especially if the person committed or attempted to commit a felony. Fines for felonies can range as high as $100,000, ruining a person's financial health, and considering that they could also face more than a decade in prison, they may also be unable to work and pay off the fines. Don't let this happen to you if you are innocent! Consult with a Kerrville criminal defense attorney right away to discuss your legal options.

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