Common Criminal Defense Mistakes

Criminal defense cases can be very delicate situations, especially if the accused person is innocent and must prove it in court. In order for everything to run smoothly-or for the case to be avoided in the first place-a person must know their rights and be sure to conduct themselves properly throughout the process.

The law offices of Daniel & Hudson have extensive experience in all areas of criminal defense and could provide you with quality counsel and defense if you have been charged with a crime. With their guidance, you could avoid falling prey to any of the following common mistakes:

Talking Too Much

When a person is arrested, they must be "read their rights." According to the Miranda Rights, everyone has the right to remain silent after an arrest to ensure that their words cannot be misconstrued and used against them in court. By refusing to speak to anyone except your criminal defense lawyer, you significantly lower your risk to saying "too much" and destroying your capacity for defense.

Allowing a Search & Seizure

Many people assume that officers cannot be questioned when they approach you for a search and seizure. This is absolutely untrue. Before you allow officers to conduct a search, you have every right to ask to see the warrant. Without a warrant, they are not allowed to search you, your home or office, or any other location. After carefully reviewing the warrant, you can also demand to watch the search proceedings so that you can watch for illegal misconduct and use it against them in court.

Disrespectful Behavior or Resisting Arrest

Another thing you should never do when charged with a crime is act disrespectfully toward the officer. The moment you become insolent, belligerent, or violent toward a police officer, he or she could use force against you or charge you with disorderly conduct or assault. They could also charge you with resisting arrest if you refuse to comply. So obey an officer if you are arrested, but keep silent and hire a skilled attorney right away.

Withholding Information from Your Lawyer

In an attempt to protect themselves, an accused victim may withhold information from anyone, including their attorney. Although it is wise to remain silent without legal counsel, you should never keep any information from your lawyer. It can be difficult to tell them everything and you may feel vulnerable, but your lawyer is bound by attorney-client privilege to keep all case-related information confidential. The more they know, the better they can defend you, so be sure that you do not hide anything from your attorney.

Failing to Hire an Attorney

Of course, the biggest mistake a person could ever make after being charged with a crime would be if he or she failed to hire an attorney. Without proper legal defense, a person has almost no chance of successfully fighting their false criminal charges. If you have been accused of a crime, make sure that you have a qualified legal advisor and representative by hiring an experienced Kerrville criminal defense lawyer immediately.

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