Kerrville Criminal Defense Lawyer

Fighting False Charges In Kerrville, Texas

Even when someone is innocent of a crime, they could still be convicted of an offense and suffer the consequences. No one should have to suffer when they have done nothing wrong, which is why it is vital to acquire the representation of a Kerrville criminal defense attorney if you have been arrested for an offense of any kind. Convictions for criminal offenses can result in expensive fines and time in jail or prison. It is virtually impossible to fighting false charges without the help of an attorney.

Defense Attorney Douglas Daniel

Attorney Douglas Daniel is a Kerrville Criminal Defense Lawyer with more than three decades of experience in criminal defense. Douglas has the knowledge and familiarity to take on Kerrville DWI, assault, domestic violence, drug, federal, juvenile, state and theft criminal defense cases. He received his Juris Doctorate from St. Mary's University School of Law in 1981, and since then he has gained ample experience dealing with the courts, judges and prosecutors in the Texas Hill Country.

Defense Attorney Brandon Hudson

As a former prosecutor, Attorney Brandon Hudson knows what the opponent may be thinking and what they might do next, keeping him one step ahead in your case. Also, since he practices no other areas of law except criminal defense, his attention will be focused solely on your case and on defending you from every side. He is certified in Criminal Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Brandon has a deep working knowledge of the criminal justice system, considering that he practiced law as both a criminal defense attorney and a prosecutor. He is an aggressive defense lawyer with vast experience handling serious criminal defense cases, including death penalty cases.

Help From a Criminal Attorney in Kerrville

For excellent and focused legal assistance, call our office today. Because we focus solely on criminal defense, we have the ability to provide unwavering dedication and exceptional attention to detail so that we can aggressively fight on your behalf. With over forty years of combined experience in criminal defense and with a former prosecutor on our team, we can defend your case from every angle and even anticipate what the opposition may be thinking. If you have been falsely accused, the law offices of Douglas Daniel & Brandon Hudson could help clear your name and save your future. Call today to learn more.

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