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Fredericksburg Criminal Lawyer

Criminal Defense in Fredericksburg, TX

The Law Offices of Britt Eastland represents clients accused of committing crimes in Fredericksburg, TX. The city founded by German immigrants is 70 miles north of San Antonio, and is located in Gillespie County. The most prevalent crimes are larceny and theft, followed by burglary and then aggravated assault. Law enforcement in the State of Texas takes its job seriously. Anyone facing criminal charges can have a battle ahead and can benefit from an experienced and proven criminal lawyer fighting for them at each stage of the legal process. Mr. Eastland only practices criminal law and has dedicated his practice to helping his clients through his hard work and attention to detail. Choosing to have legal representation from the outset of your case can work in your favor. At the time of arrest, you should seek legal advice and avoid making incriminating statements that may be used against you in the future. You do not have to go it alone. A Fredericksburg criminal attorney by your side for legal support is important for the outcome of your case.

Drug Crimes, Sex Crimes, Theft Crimes, White Collar Crimes, and Violent Crimes

You will need a defense if you are accused of committing drug crimes, sex crimes, theft crimes, white collar crimes, violent crimes, or other offenses. Drug crimes can include possession, trafficking, sales, and manufacturing. If you have drug paraphernalia in your possession, you may face drug charges. Selling or moving drugs or other illegal substances are serious crimes. The area of sex crimes can involve statutory rape, child pornography, and prostitution. Society abhors sex offenders and anyone accused of committing those acts will need a good defense attorney. These and some other types of crimes are often brought to the attention of the public through the media, making it vital to have legal representation right from the beginning to protect your rights and privacy.

Theft crimes are common and can range from misdemeanors to felony offenses. It can span from stealing a bicycle to stealing a car and it can have consequences if you are found guilty of the crime. White collar crimes deal with crimes of a financial nature such as money laundering, embezzlement, and others. The accused may receive notification about an investigation into his or her activities. Certainly, that is the time to seek protection and help from a trusted defense lawyer. If you are accused of committing a violent crime and are convicted, you will probably spend time in prison. The sentence can depend on the severity of the crime and other factors. An aggressive defense is necessary when facing serious allegations.

Gathering Evidence and Preparing Your Defense

An important aspect of building a criminal defense is gathering the facts of the case through investigations and persisting along other legal means. Careful review of evidence presented by the prosecution may reveal mistakes made by overeager arresting officers, officer misconduct, or unreliable evidence. Officers must follow certain protocol when handling evidence such as blood or urine in DWI/DUI cases for instance. Were you given the Miranda Warning? Did an officer take your statement after you asked to speak to a lawyer? Were there any other violations of your constitutional rights? As well as looking for flaws in the prosecution's case, a defense attorney can look for ways to introduce reasonable doubt. Predicting the actions of the prosecution and understanding the criminal court process and procedures are important for the defense. Mr. Eastland works tirelessly for his clients.

Juvenile Crimes and Defense Options

Common juvenile crimes consist of theft crimes or alcohol and drug offenses. A minor in possession & minor in consumption can range from underage drinking of alcoholic beverages to use of narcotics. An underage DUI/DWI can result in license suspension and payment of large fines. Serious crimes involving minors can include participating in illegal gang activities, weapons offenses, sex crimes, arson, grand theft, aggravated assault, and others. You need to have legal help if your son or daughter is in trouble with the law and facing criminal charges. A conviction can affect their future. A criminal defense attorney can help you and your child through the legal process in the juvenile court system.

Legal Assistance after a Criminal Conviction

Mr. Eastland represents clients in the area of expungement and order of non-disclosure following a criminal conviction. He is also well versed in handling cases at the appeals level in order to have an adverse decision reversed. He works hard to protect the rights and freedoms of his clients.

The Law Offices of Britt Eastland believes you deserve fair and just treatment by the criminal court system in Fredericksburg. Call Mr. Eastland today to discuss your defense options.

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