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Kerrville Criminal Defense Lawyer

Fighting False Charges in Kerrville, Texas

Even when someone is innocent of a crime, they could still be convicted of an offense and suffer the consequences. No one should have to suffer when they have done nothing wrong, which is why it is vital to acquire the representation of a Kerrville criminal defense attorney if you have been arrested for an offense of any kind. Convictions for criminal offenses can result in expensive fines and time in jail or prison. It is virtually impossible to fighting false charges without the help of an attorney.

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Cases Attorney Eastland Represents

As a former prosecutor, Britt Eastland knows how the opponent may be thinking and what they might do next, keeping him one step ahead in your case. Also, since he practices no other areas of law except criminal defense, his attention will be focused solely on your case and on defending you from every side. He is experienced in fighting every kind of criminal charge and could defend and counsel you in any of the following areas:


Even after you've been convicted of a crime, you could still seek an appeal to have your conviction reversed.

Drug Crimes

These offenses can be considered either a misdemeanor or a felony depending on the type, amount, and use of the drug in question.


It only takes a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.08% to be considered legally drunk, which can result after very few drinks. Driving while intoxicated or while under the influence can endanger lives.

Expungement and Order of Non-Disclosure

If you have a criminal record, you can still fight to have your record erased or to have it unavailable for review by anyone except certain parties.

Federal Crimes

As crimes that are committed against the federal government versus the state government, federal crimes are much more serious and carry harsher consequences.

Juvenile Crimes

Though underage persons are usually tried in a separate court, they may still be treated as an adult in certain situations.

Parole Representation Services

Is your loved one going to be eligible for parole soon? If so, Mr. Eastland offers parole representation services for those clients that are up for a parole review by the Parole Division of the Texas Board of Criminal Justice.

Probation Violations

Penalties for a probation violation could result in the person serving the remainder of their jail or prison sentence, as well as his or her having to pay fines.

Sex Crimes

Most sex crimes are federal crimes and are treated accordingly. Examples include rape, sexual assault, and kidnapping.

Theft Crimes

These crimes cover a broad range of offenses, from petty theft to robbery to burglary. Each has its own level of severity, as well as its own consequences.

Violent Crimes

Examples of violent crimes include murder, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, and simple assault. Each of these carries severe penalties if convicted.

White Collar Crimes

When a person of high social or business standing is charged with a crime related to their line of work, it is considered a white collar crime.

Minor in Possession & Minor in Consumption

Also known as MIP or MIC, a minor in possession or consumption of alcohol could be faced with suspension of their license, fines, community service, and rehabilitation classes.

Help from a Criminal Attorney in Kerrville

For excellent and focused legal assistance, call The Law Offices of Britt Eastland today. Because he focuses solely on criminal defense, he has the ability to provide unwavering dedication and exceptional attention to detail so that he can aggressively fight on your behalf. With eight years of experience in criminal defense and as a former prosecutor, he could defend your case from every angle and even anticipate what the opposition may be thinking. If you have been falsely accused, Mr. Eastland could help clear your name and save your future. Call today to learn more.

For a free consultation, contact a Kerrville defense lawyer from The Law Offices of Britt Eastland. You can fight for your freedom after being wrongfully accused.