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Let a Former Prosecutor Fight to Protect You

Criminal charges can turn a life upside down, especially if the person was falsely accused and does not have adequate legal defense. If convicted, a person could be faced with exorbitant fines, jail time, or even 25 to life. Don't take chances of facing these consequences for a crime you didn't commit by hiring an incompetent attorney. Britt Eastland is a Kerrville criminal defense lawyer, who also serves the city of San Antonio, and focuses exclusively on criminal defense and could give his undivided attention to your case. As a former prosecutor, he knows the way the government thinks and could give you an edge against your accusers, as well as raise your chances of defending yourself from the false accusations placed against you.

Through a free consultation with The Law Offices of Britt Eastland, you could inform him about your situation and learn in detail what could be done to fight for you. Your reputation, your career, and your financial stability are at stake, so make sure you acquire the services of a criminal defense attorney who will stop at nothing to clear your name and win your life back for you. Mr. Eastland has eight years of legal experience and, having focused exclusively on criminal defense, you can be sure that your case will have his complete and undivided attention. Call today to learn how he could provide vigorous defense for any of the following criminal charges.

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If you have already been convicted of a crime, criminal defense attorney Britt Eastland could help you appeal your conviction in court. He is also experienced in defending those people who are charged with drug crimes or any alcohol-related offense. Such charges include drunk driving and public intoxication, as well as minors in possession or consumption of alcohol. If you or a loved one has been arrested for any of these offenses, he could fight for your freedom.

Perhaps your child has been arrested for a crime and you are looking for an attorney to defend them and protect their future. Mr. Eastland has experience in fighting numerous kinds of juvenile crime cases and could aggressively defend your son or daughter in court. If you have been charged with a theft crime, he could help you prove your innocence and prevent you from suffering the consequences of a conviction. He is also proficient in defending people charged with all kinds of violent crimes, such as assault, murder, and sex crimes such as rape.

Probation violations, including failure to report to your officer or to appear in court, could ruin your chances of starting over, so find out what the Law Offices of Britt Eastland could do for you. He could also defend your reputation and your future success in case you have been falsely accused of a federal crime or a white collar crime. Also, if you already have a criminal record, you should never have to suffer permanently for crimes you were not guilty of committing. Find out today how Mr. Eastland could represent you in your pursuit of expungement and orders of non-disclosure. In addition to criminal defense and expungements, Mr. Eastland also offers parole representation services for those that are eligible for parole.

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For a focused crime attorney who will fight vigorously for your freedom, call The Law Offices of Britt Eastland right away. You could be convicted if you are not properly defended after receiving false criminal charges, which could land you high fines or a prison sentence. Fight back today by hiring attorney Britt Eastland. With eight solid years of experience and a sole focus on criminal defense, he could dedicate himself to your defense and stop at nothing until your charges have been reduced or dropped. Call today for a free consultation with our firm!

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